Three ways you can save money on brake maintenance and repairs

Automobiles come with a high cost of ownership. There’s no way around it. So here are a few ways you can minimize that cost, when it comes to your brake system.

1. Don’t drive/brake aggressively

Stopping abruptly increases wear and tear on your brake components, and puts more strain on the system overall. Aggressive driving (tailgating, cornering at high speeds, accelerating quickly between stop lights) leads to excessive braking.

You don’t want to hold up the flow of traffic, especially in busy cities or on highways. This could be dangerous. But if the light’s red in front of you, and the intersection behind you is clear, there’s no point in zooming up to the light just so you can sit and wait. You might as well just coast up to and take it easy on your brakes.

Additionally, excessive heat on your brakes (like you get from driving too fast) increases wear and tear. It can also warp your rotors, which is another component you’ll then have to replace prematurely.

2. Regular service

If you wait too long too change your pads, you can damage your rotors. You shouldn’t need to change your rotors as often as you change your pads. Keep up on your pads, and change them as soon as they show indications of wear.

You’ll find the life of all your brake system components will be longer if you keep up on maintenance. Keep your fluid full, change it as needed, and have your brake lines bled regularly.

3. Buy the right parts

The cheapest parts are not always the cheapest parts in the long run, nor are the most expensive ones necessarily the longest lasting.

Check the warranty on any parts you buy yourself. Your auto parts dealer can also advise you on the expected lifetime and performance of parts so you can find the price point that works for your needs. If you get your parts through your mechanic, always be sure to ask what the most cost effective products are.


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