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Service shop certification decals and what they mean

Within the automotive service industry, there are third party organizations that seek to protect the consumer and help service shops to provide a better value to their customers. These networks set standards for transparency and professionalism and provide other benefits. Look for these badges at repair shops, as they demonstrate a service shop’s commitment to quality and customer service.


The Automotive Service Association is a prominent nationwide network that sets an industry standard for technicians. The ASA badge means that 1) techs are certified to national industry standards, and 2)that the business itself is in correspondence with the ASA to stay up-to-date on the latest standards and industry information.

Napa Auto Care

NAC mechanics use Napa parts, which come with a Napa-backed guarantee of 24 months/24,000miles. This guarantee covers not just the parts themselves, but any necessary labor. Since its backed by NAC, rather than the mechanic, this service applies all over the country. Any NAC mechanic can handle the job for you. Call 800 452 6272 to find the nearest NAC service shop, no matter where you are in the US.

My Carfax

This badge indicates that your mechanic reports service records to the Carfax database, so you (and those interested in buying your vehicle) have a detailed vehicle history at your disposal. A profile of My Carfax service shops can be viewed as well, including customer reviews and the types of work a particular shop does the most. The ABC Auto profile can be viewed by clicking here.

Mobile Air Conditioning Society

MACS ensures that technicians are qualified to handle air conditioning refrigerant in ways that are safe for the environment, as laid out in Section 609 of the EPA Clean Air Act.

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