Fleet Services

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Fleet Services


Keep your vehicle fleet moving. Located near the airport, we service any fleet with three or more vehicles.

  • Special repair ratefor fleets

  • Standard two-year, 24,000 Mile Warranty on all repairs

  • Vehicle maintenance recorded in Carfax. Keep your maintenance records for as long as your vehicle serves you.

  • Vehicle pickup and dropoff

  • No repairs without your authorization.


Vehicle Types we work on

Our services extend to gasoline, diesel, electric and propane. We work on all trucks, vans, and busses up to 15,000 pounds.

Diesel Vehicles

We’ll handle any problem or service on your diesel vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Hybrids, electric cars,or electrical problems–we’re trained and capable to handle even the most complex issues.

Propane Vehicles

Get repairs and custom maintenance plans for your propane vehicles.

For Small and large business fleets

We serve any businesses who have a collection of 3 or more cars used commercially.

For Dealerships

Make sure your clients are in good hands with our dealership partner program.As your trusted partner,we’ll:

  • Take care of your vehicle inspections and repairs

  • Conduct aftermarket warranties

  • take trade-ins to our shop in exchange for credits at partner dealerships

For Government fleets

We service government-owned fleets and are compatible with WEX payment systems.

Payment options

We process commercial accounts a few different ways:

  • Per invoice

  • Monthly payments

  • WEX payment systems.Please email or call us if you have questions

Getting Started

Reach out to us to schedule a business consultation.