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ABC Auto Repair is the name to rely on for Chevy Truck Repair Des Moines Wa.


We are not a national chain or a dealership that may just want to sell you a new truck instead of keeping your treasured and reliable truck on the road longer. ABC Auto Repair is a dedicated, trusted local repair shop.


Our mission is to keep our customers’ vehicles on the road for the longest time possible, without wasting your hard earned money on unnecessary repairs and excessive maintenance services.


We understand that what makes our customers choose Chevrolet Trucks as vehicles is reliability, carrying capacity, versatility on work sites, and pure power. Chevrolet Trucks are special vehicles, and we give them special attention with our Chevrolet Truck Service including repair, maintenance, and enhancements.

Duramax Diesel powers Chevy’s most powerful trucks. ABC Auto Repair knows and loves these durable vehicles. Our service technicians are very experienced in working on all systems of both heavy and lighter duty trucks. Diesel fuel offers many advantages in power and fuel economy, but not every service center knows the ins and outs of diesel vehicle maintenance and repair.

ABC Auto Repair offers Chevy Truck Repair and maintenance services from our convenient Des Moines Wa service center. 

Please contact us to schedule an appointment or call our office at (206) 395-5300.