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About Us

ABC Auto Repair is a family & veteran owned repair center located in Des Moines Washington. When we opened the shop in 2002, we sought out to be the best privately-owned repair shop in the nation. Ever since then we've been developing strong and reliable relationships with our clients every single day. 


We pride ourselves on a few things, the first being our customer service. We always take the time to listen to all of our clients' symptoms and concerns so we can provide the absolute best complete solution. Next, we strike the fine balance of providing the highest quality for the most affordable price - we want your car to be safe when you're back on the road and you don't need to spend a fortune to get there. Lastly, we are one of the few shops in the nation that aims to be eco-friendly. Unfortunately, most auto repair centers dispose of waste incorrectly  (parts, oil, etc.), but as a millennial shop we are determined to do our part in keeping the planet clean​.


The bottom line is we strive to satisfy our customers needs. Car issues are inconvenient and expensive. That is why we make the repair process as smooth and affordable as possible. With expert technicians, you can trust that your vehicle will be repaired right the first time. Please feel free to stop by!